Motorbike rental Siem Reap

Little Garden Villa Guesthouse and your good partner for motorbike rental at Siem Reap.

 Motorbike rental Siem Reap - Little Garden Villa

Little Garden Villa
Rent your motorbike in Siem Reap.

You need a motorcycle for a trip? Rent it as a guest at Little Garden Villa Guesthouse, because it is easy. A motorcycle is good for exploring the city. The driving licence is not required for the scooters we offer. All our motorcycles have 125ccm. For motorbikes up to 125cc you do not need a driving licence. The Renter must pay for Gasoline, police penalty or damage the Motorbike. Please note, we only rent motorcycles to our house guests. With our scooters it is really easy to ride. In the city of Siem Reap and on the county. Explore Siem Reap and the Country Side. Inside the temples you are not allowed to ride your scooter! The wearing of helmets is mandatory for driver and co-driver. Riding without a helmet will result in a $15 fine. You will receive 2 helmets per motorcycle.

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Have a nice trip at Siem Reap!